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Live TV on your PC

Internet TV on your PC for as low as $7.00

Just think, for the price of movie tickets for your family you could watch over 5000 TV stations on your PC or laptop FOREVER! plus amazing bonuses

While our Internet-TV customer service team always responds quickly, we have collected some of our most common questions and answers here for your convenience:

Q: Does your service work with dial up?

This is best used with a broadband service but many of the channels can be easily viewed with a normal 56K dial up service.

Q: What kind of internet connection do I need?

You can use our software with any internet speed connection. You can enjoy all of our TV stations and radio programs with a dial up connection. Of course, faster connection will result in better experience. We recommend using a high speed, broadband type connection.

Q: Is the service 100% legal?

Yes. We have gone out of our way to ensure no copyrights are violated in any way and you won't get into any trouble for using our service.

Q: Do I need to be in the United States to watch TV on my pc?

No. You can use the incredible EZTV Streaming software from any pc anywhere in the world.

Q: Do You offer Special Sporting Events ?

YES . With our free premium sport package upgrade you will never miss your favorite team or sport, even if you live in a country that doesn't broadcast the event or charges crazy fees.
Watch the matches unfold live, with full commentary, on a robust web stream. Unlike conventional media you never pay recurring charges or long commitments ever.
Our Network includes over 80 Sports Channels from Soccer from every continent, Cricket Games including International tests, ODIs, Twenty/20, IPL, Formula1, Racing, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Wrestling to Swimming and more.

more often than not you will be able to watch all premium Sport Events without ordering Expensive Pay Per View Events !

Q: Can I watch international channels?

Yes. In addition to USA TV channels EZ PC-TV lets you watch live TV from over 100 countries all over the world. Including over 80 Sport Channels.

Q: How much does it cost?

We do not charge a monthly fee or any recurring fees. EZ PC-TV can be yours for an amazing ONE TIME Payment of $29.95. Best Value Anywhere, Guaranteed !

Q: Do I have to pay ever again?

No. Its a one time payment, no subscriptions!

Q: I like Your Site but I have seen other companies selling similar products, why should I buy from you ?

We simply offer "Best Value Anywhere" Guaranteed ! While many other companies charge astronomical prices and many charge hidden fees and recurring charges, we as one of the pioneers and original developers, simply provide you with the Best Value Anywhere and Never jeopardize your privacy.

Unlike many others we do not simply offer you a "guide" , we provide the complete streaming solution. We include multiple tv-pc software with your purchase and even include special bonuses.

You also will receive TWICE as many channels for HALF the Price.

Order Today and join one of the First and most Trusted TV-PC Company with over 80 000 thousand satisfied costumers.

Q: Do I get charged for watching these channels ?

No. There are absolutely no hidden charges ever.


Q: Can I watch TV on more than one PC?

Yes. You can use it on as many PC's as you like.

Q: Is my personal and financial information safe?

Yes. Absolutely, The security of your information, transactions, and money is the core of our business and of our payment processor. We use third party credit card processor, therefore we don't have access to your credit card information. We utilize one of the safest , most advanced and biggest processors in the world with over 100 million costumers. You can rest assured all your information is safe.And You can rest assured that we will never sell your private information or bombard you with spam.
eztv streaming

Amazing Bonuses !

Bonus # 1
All in One Video Suite ( $69.97 value )
water hybrids  
free live tv on pc EZTV ScreenCam captures and records your desktop/screen activity - It is like having a camcorder point at your PC Screen and Record
free live tv on pc EZTV VideoCam records activity via a web cam - For instance, you can record yourself as you create your demo on EZTV ScreenCam to make your demo more effective.
free live tv on pc EZTV Flash Creator creates flash-embedded HTML files (.swf embedded into HTML) from .avi files ready to put on the internet
free live tv on pc EZTV CD Menu Creator creates autorun CD files of your video presentations ready to burn into a CD or DVD.

eztv streaming

Bonus # 2
Run Your Car on Water DIY Guide ( $44.97 value )
water hybrid learn step by step how to convert your vehicle into a environment and wallet friendly water hybrid and start saving $$$ and Environment.
free live tv on pc Increase Fuel Economy
free live tv on pc Enhance Engine Power and Performance
free live tv on pc Help Reduce Global Warming
free live tv on pc Extend Vehicle Life
free live tv on pc Qualify for Fed. Alternative Fuel Tax Credit
free live tv on pc Produce Cleaner Emissions
provided by www.BestWaterHybrids.com

eztv streaming

Bonus # 3
Additional TV on PC Software and Upgrades

free live tv on pc Additional Live TV on PC Software
free live tv on pc International TV Upgrade
free live tv on pc Special Insider Guide to Free PPV Events
free live tv on pc Special Guide to Free Sport PPV Events
free live tv on pc Live Radio Upgrade
free live tv on pc Free Lifetime Upgrades

eztv streaming

Bonus # 4
PC Activity Monitoring and Supervision Software ( $29.97 value )
water hybrids that allows you to monitor all activities on your computer and stealth record the following
free live tv on pc Visited Websites
free live tv on pc Emails and Instant Messages
free live tv on pc Chats and Keystrokes
free live tv on pc Capture Screenshots In Real-Time

Also Receive Additional Software and Guides at no cost.

When We say Best Value Anywhere- We Mean Best Value Anywhere

is amazing software that brings the best television channels in the world directly to your computer through the power of streaming-video for best-price one time fee.


No additional hardware required
No monthly fee or any recurring fees
Resizable screen
Instant download
Over 5000 channels of TV
Unlimited FREE updates
tv on pc instant download

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